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The Didactum sensors allows critical facilities monitoring with easy integration

Visibility into your data center is critical to keeping it healthy and secure. Utilizing the Didactum branded environmental sensors from Didactum gives you a proactive view into exactly how well your data center is operating, how secure it is and how it will be affected by unexpected disasters.

Keeping your data center healthy and operating on all cylinders thus reducing costs

There is a great saying that directly impacts the data center platform: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Therefore sensors installed in your data center or other infrastructures will help your organization to reduce operational costs, defer capital expenditures, improve uptime, and increase capacity for future growth.

For an example using the Didactum branded temperature sensors provided by Didactum can save you up to four percent in energy costs for every degree of upward change in the baseline temperature, known as a set point.

Further examples include the environmental factors such as heat, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity can be just as devastating to your server room equipment as any network threat. Increases in heat from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius alone can reduce the long-term reliability of electronic equipment by as much as 50%.

The SNMP-enabled sensors from Didactum can also help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion and short circuits.

Pro-actively preventing disasters before they strike your data center

Many environmental and security factors will play a very important role in your data centers and server cabinets. The Didactum branded sensors from Didactum provide not only environmental monitoring and can alert your engineers to potential problems like the loss of power, air conditioning (CRAC) failures, water leaks, smoke, but also breaches to secure areas and open server cabinet doors.

When your company’s security is breached or these factors reach a critical state in your infrastructures they can cause catastrophic fallout and failures which can lead to not only loss of revenue but severely damage your company’s reputation, not to mention endless lawsuits if sensitive data has been exposed.

Again, utilizing the Didactum branded sensors provided by Didactum provides you with a proactive solution to protect your data centers and infrastructures from these unexpected disasters and security breaches.

For example you can use the AC Voltage sensors to detect when the AC power has failed, you can use the air flow sensors to detect if your CRAC or air conditioner is not working, the security sensors for detecting if a door or server cabinet has been opened and who opened it with a picture.

Quick and Easy Setup of Didactum`s intelligent sensors

Each of the Didactum branded sensors provided by Didactum includes a plug-and-play feature within the base unit appliance that is fully SNMP compliant. All of the SNMP-compatible sensors will be auto-detected when plugged into any of the four or eight sensor ports on the network enabled base unit controllers from Didactum.

The sensors are then automatically displayed in the multilingual web interface for easy configuration of each sensors thresholds and alerts.

All of the analog sensors that can be connected to Didactum`s remote monitoring appliances can be extended using normal RJ11 cable. This provides easy flexibility for installing the sensors in your required monitored areas.

Didactum offers a diverse range of Didactum branded sensors and how they can directly improve your data center efficiency and security.

Notifications and Alerts

Critical events, such as too high temperature, are reported from Didactum`s SNMPv1-, SNMPv2c- and SNMPv3- enabled base unit controllers via eMail, SMS (via optional GSM modem) or SNMP traps. In the WebGUI of Didactum remote monitoring device, you can directly display the measured sensor data graphically.

The temperature or humidity sensor data can be easily exported as CSV or XML file format for further processing.  

Didactum® Security GmbH Core Mission Statement

The core mission statement of GROUP-Didactum® Didactum Security GmbH represents the support of our customers in the planning and implementation of proactive, highly critical data communications and security systems that play a key role in our customer’s success.

Our Core Mission:

  • Our core competencies of Didactum® are focused on providing highly reliable and cost effective network monitoring solutions, environmental protection, safety and the most current, up to date monitoring systems for business-critical infrastructures. This would include the latest technology in server rooms and data center environments.
  • To further increase and enhance the security of sensitive infrastructures with the offer of the latest, most up to date Didactum® IT monitoring technology.
  • Our proven product portfolio Didactum® is selected on the basis of strict criteria such as technology leadership, reliability and investment protection (ROI).
  • As an Authorized Reseller Partner of the OpenNMS Group, Didactum Security GmbH offers the entire service and range provided by the popular features included in the OpenNMS software program.
  • Didactum® Security GmbH consistently focuses on using the latest technologies available which increases the availability of new and dependable products and thus greatly benefits and sustains the competitiveness of our customers.
  • Didactum®’s customer listing includes many companies and public clients of all sizes. We would be happy to provide any of these well-known references upon request.
  • Didactum® always welcomes resellers, integrators and distributors to become new official distributors under us.