SNMP-based intelligent Sensors from Didactum

With Didactum`s intelligent sensors, you can monitor via TCP/IP network or internet important environmental variables such as temperature, humidity or airflow. Didactum`s smoke detection sensors, water detection sensors and water rope sensors protect your mission-critical infrastructure from cost intensive downtime.

For remote security monitoring of your infrastructure, Didactum offers security sensors, motion detectors, vibration detectors and sirens. With SNMP enabled AC-voltage sensors you can easily detect if your important server systems are running on UPS battery power. Didactum also offers AC current transducer for precise remote power monitoring up to 100A. Didactum`s 4-20 mAmp Converter allows easy integration of already existing analog sensor equipment.

Basic protection for technical room and server room

Business-critical infrastructure, such as BTS or server room, must be protected against over-heating, power failure, water leakage, or fire. Here we present you Didactum`s basic protection kit for remote monitoring of technical rooms, BTS and server rooms:

Didactum Monitoring System 100, a full SNMPv1/v2c/v3 compatible remote monitoring device with 4 auto detection ports for up to 4 SNMP enabled analog sensors from Didactum. This monitoring device offers completely automated and imbedded operation. No software installation or maintenance is required. Integration in leading NMS and SNMP tools is supported by this EU-made monitoring device. Didactum Monitoring Systems offers 4 dry contact inputs for network enabled remote  (dry) monitoring of HVAC, fire panels, and UPS systems. 2 dry contact outputs are offered for siren or building control systems.

Integrated logics in multilingual WebGUI offers types of notifications and alerts such as E-Mail, SMS (via 4G LTE GSM modem) and / or SNMP Traps. All events are stored in syslog. Didactum monitoring system 100 offers integrated data logger and sensor graphing for reports.

The SNMP enabled temperature sensor from Didactum is already included with this remote environmental monitoring devices. This sensor is factory calibrated and offers precise temperature readings. An 2 meter RJ-11 cable for connection and mounting tape are included. Of course you can use your own RJ-11 cable up to 100 meters.

In multilingual WebGUI of Didactum Monitoring System 100, you can easily define your individual thresholds and warning levels for temperature monitoring. Of course you can query this sensor via SNMP Polling via network.

Didactum`s water detector sensor is capable of detecting moisture and water in mission critical infrastructure. This water sensor reliable detects distilled and deionised water. Just connect the water sensor with one of the four ports of the Didactum Monitoring System 100. By integrated SNMP OID, this water leakage sensor is auto-detected in HTML5based WebGUI of Didactum`s network enabled monitoring unit. Here you just have to define the desired notifications and alarms such as eMail, SMS (via USB GSM modem), SNMP Traps or siren. A mounting clip and screw are included with this water leakage sensor for fast and easy installation.

Didactum`s Smoke detector is used for early detection of fire in mission critical infrastructure such as telecom base stations (BTS) or server rooms . The smoke detector sensor is simply connected with network-enabled Didactum monitoring unit. No additional battery power is needed because the smoke sensor is powered by main unit. You can connect several smoke detectors in series using only 1 sensor port of your Didactum monitoring device. The total length can be up to 150 meters. When smoke sensor detects smoke or fire, you will receive from Didactum remote monitoring unit alarms and notifications.

Easy integration of sensors with NMS and SNMP tools

All network enabled base unit controllers from Didactum are fully SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 enabled. Notifications of sensor status changes are indicated by sending SNMP traps. The data of Didactum`s intelligent sensors can be also collected with leading NMS (Network Management Systems) such as CA Spectrum, EMC Smarts, MRTG, MS SCOM, Nagios, OpenNMS, PRTG, WhatsUp Gold, or Zabbix.

Needed SNMP MIB file can be downloaded from the multilingual Web interface of Didactum`s remote monitoring appliances. Each connected intelligent sensor can be also directly queried / polled via SNMP commands in real time via IP Network or Internet. All Didactum Monitoring Systems offer SNMPget features. Here you can create your own virtual sensors and expand your remote monitoring of BTS and server rooms.